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Kyle Rieck

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It all started with a first released  DJI Phantom purchase back in a day and I was hooked to the quad copter idea. Once I flew it for couple of times I wanted to take it apart and see the inside of it and find out how it works. My first upgrade project was to replace the stock receiver and upgrade it with Spektrum AR8000 with TM1000 Telemetry module so I could control it with my then DX18. After that it's all history and here we are.


Can't do anything without my tools, screws, extra parts for working on a UAV. 

My Mission

01. Fast Turn around time service

We all like to fly our UAVs and the worst thing that can happen is crashing it. I know, I've been there couple of times. And once that happens all you can think about is where and how can i fix it so I can fly again as soon as humanly possible.

My turn around time for diagnostics is between 24-48 hours on average from the time I receive your aircraft in the mail.

02. Best your money can buy

Fixing your UAV can be expensive some times. Especially when you just dropped $1000+ on your brand new Phantom Vision+ and now it's all broken because you didn't see that tree in your park or because the lake was extra elevated that particular afternoon when you flew your birdie.

I want to make sure that all parts damaged that need to be replaced are at bottom retail price for you with actual time spent for labor when working on your UAV.


03. 100% satisfaction 

You know how it feels when you have the control of the sticks and all you want to do is zoom around your park and show off with your flying friend that later on will provide you with beautiful photos and videos you will want to post on YouTube.

Making sure that after you crashed your UAV and you get it back from me you will have that big smile on your face again, you don't even realize it's there, until your better half snaps the picture of you while flying and shows it to you later that night.

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